Member Spotlight

The spotlight’s on YOU:  Austin Hawkins!

Where do you work and where do you live?
I work for Jackson National Life Insurance Company and I live in Haslett, MI. 
How long have you been a Jaycee?  Have you served on the board?
I have been a member of the Lansing Jaycees for a little over five months.  I am the current Treasurer for 2018.
What is your most memorable Jaycees moment?
Planning the Painting with a Purpose fundraiser for Stuff the Bus for the benefit of Haven House in East Lansing, MI.
What is your favorite Jaycee project?
Stuff the Bus
Tell us about your family and pets.
I recently celebrated my first wedding anniversary with my amazing wife, Samantha.  We have been together for almost ten years and she is my very best friend.  We have two dogs, Bella and Oliver, both of which are full of love and excitement.  Our favorite family activity is to stay in bed on a weekend day and binge watch Netflix all while we binge eat our favorite “unhealthy” snacks.
What are your top three highlights of your life?

 1.     Marrying my best friend
       2.     Adopting our two fur babies
                                                    3.     Being on the Board of Directors for the Lansing Jaycees

What is your favorite board or card game?
What’s the worst thing you did as a kid and did you get caught?
I would always sit in the grocery cart while shopping with my mom and I would eat a majority of the grapes prior to check out.
What are you looking forward to in the next year?
Good vibes and positivity.
What song always puts you in a good mood?
Shoop by Salt-N-Pepa
What is your favorite place or vacation spot?
Visiting my Grandmother and Grandfather in Fort Myers Beach, FL.
What advice do you wish you were told your first day as a Jaycee?
The advice that I wish that I had been given would be “It’s okay to say ‘No’ and that you can’t accomplish everything at once.”